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Meta Introduces New Chatbots with ‘Personality’ for Messenger


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Meta Introduces New Chatbots with 'Personality' for MessengerMeta introduces special chatbot in Messenger for travel and edible tips.

It is the most recent shot in a chatbot arms race between tech firms vying to develop more precise and individualized artificial intelligence.

According to boss Mark Zuckerberg, chatbots are still a work in progress and have “limitations”.

At Meta’s first live event since before the outbreak, Mr. Zuckerberg declared that it had been an “amazing year for AI” in California.

The company’s main chatbot, which works with messaging, is dubbed “Meta AI” by the company.

Users can ask Meta AI questions via chat, for instance, “to settle arguments” or for other purposes.

Meta’s Chatbot Personalities and VR Insights

The chatbot, which is built on Llama 2, a sizable language model that the business launched for general commercial usage in July, has not yet undergone testing by the BBC.

Several famous people, including Snoop Dogg and Kendall Jenner, have signed up to give chatbots their personalities.

The goal is to develop chatbots that can do more than just respond to queries.

Zuckerberg emphasized, “It’s not just about responding to queries; the aim here is entertainment.”

According to Meta, YouTube sensation MrBeast will play “Zach,” a big brother “who will roast you,” while NFL great Tom Brady will play “Bru,” an AI character that is “a wisecracking sports debater.”

According to Mr. Zuckerberg, there are still “a lot of limitations” on the questions that bots can respond to.

The chatbots will initially only be available in the US when they go live in the upcoming days.

In addition, Mr. Zuckerberg talked about the metaverse, a notion on which he has already spent tens of billions of dollars.

Despite having already made an announcement, Meta provided additional information at the event about its latest virtual reality headset, the Quest 3.

The headset was referred to as the first “mainstream” mixed reality headset by Meta’s boss. A headset with forward-facing cameras will enable augmented reality.

It will be accessible starting on October 10.

Meta’s Metaverse Bet: $21B Losses & VR Insights

The company’s significant, long-term wager on the metaverse still doesn’t seem to be paying off, since losses of $21 billion (£17 billion) have been incurred by Meta’s VR division since the year 2022.

Following Apple’s earlier this year Vision Pro entry into the more expensive mixed reality hardware market, the Quest 3 was released.

Mark Zuckerberg, according to Mat Day, global gaming strategy director at EssenceMediacom, “reinvigorated” the VR industry.

“Hardware that is affordable for the general public is now firmly at the center of Meta’s VR plan. The approach taken by Apple, which is targeted at high-end tech enthusiasts, is in sharp contrast to this, he said.

On the same day that Meta made its revelation, rival OpenAI, the Microsoft-backed developer of ChatGPT, stated that their chatbot can now search the internet for up-to-date information.

The system, driven by artificial intelligence, was formerly trained exclusively using data up until September 2021.

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