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Taliban Begin Buying Twitter Blue Ticks


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Taliban Begin Buying Twitter Blue TicksTaliban have begun making use of Twitter’s for-pay verification option.

The blue tick, which Twitter had formerly used to identify “active, prominent, and authentic accounts of public interest,” was unavailable for purchase.

However, users can now purchase them through the brand-new Twitter Blue service.

The checkmarks are now being use by at least two Taliban officials and four notable followers in Afghanistan.

The Taliban’s director of “access to information,” Hedayatullah Hedayat, now has the checkmark.

His Twitter account has 187,000 followers, and he frequently shares news about the Taliban government.

As per local media, he had his paid-for blue tick deleted last month, but it has now resurfaced.

Leading Taliban backers have also obtained the blue tick

For some time now, there has been debate regarding the existence of hard-line Islamists on Twitter.

In October 2021, former US President Donald Trump, who remove from office after his supporters seized the US Capitol, said: “Your favorite American President has been silence in a world where the Taliban has a tremendous presence on Twitter. It’s not acceptable.

In December, the Twitter Blue service was unveiled.


Users of the Twitter app for Apple devices must pay an additional price of $11 per month in addition to the $8 monthly subscription.

As per the platform, Twitter Blue subscribers receive “priority ranking in search, mentions, and responses” to aid in the fight against spam and bots.

Before the launch of Twitter Blue, none of the official Taliban accounts that had been spotted had the blue check symbol.

These are those blue check symbol, which Twitter had previously used to identify individuals whose identities had been verified.

The group seized control of the Afghanistan Cricket Board and other previously-run verified entities after retaking control of Kabul in August 2021.

The athletic organization’s account now has a gold checkmark.

According to Twitter’s new rules, corporations are indicate with a gold checkmark, while other users, such as governmental entities, are indicate by a grey checkmark.

Twitter is frequently use by Taliban leaders and followers to deliver important messages.

An inquiry for feedback from Twitter receive no response.

Source: BBC News

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